Trust Our Leaders in Expert Vendor Advocacy

Vendor Advocacy Experts

Wouldn't it Be Great if Someone Could Take the Strain Out of Selling Your Property?

Selling a property in today’s fluctuating market with so many variables requires a results-oriented vendor advocate. WPG Advisory will take full responsibility for the project management for your property sale, selecting the most suitable real estate agent, and ensuring your best interests are represented. Matt and the team have the insight to provide you with a valuation advisory, so you get the best possible price for your property. Given our experience, we help instil complete trust in the process.
We devote our efforts to improving your outcomes and experience so you can free up your time for the things you love.

It’s More Than a Sale ‒ It’s Your Future

As you embark on this life-changing endeavour, it helps to be supported by people who care about what’s going to happen after the sale. We advise you in the most genuine way, helping you sell your property calmly and confidently, promising you the best results and professional representation with potential buyers. We’ll never let you settle for a deal that is not the right fit for your end goals.

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Compelling Benefits of Our Vendor Advocacy Services

Save valuable time without incurring extra costs. We guarantee you a fair market price for your property. While you might feel confident in your understanding of the local market (and don’t entirely trust agents), our extensive market expertise and experience promise an efficient, independent process, maximising your property's value.

Early risk mitigation

We do the legwork

Expert negotiations to ensure a fair price

Extensive network of trustworthy agents

Your sale explained in easy-to-understand terms

In-house data analysis systems to monitor market changes

Founded on integrity and experience

How It Works

The last thing you need is a lengthy, complicated selling process in your already busy schedule. We’ve designed a simple yet structured process that is transparent and successful. Go from deciding to sell your property to a satisfactory conclusion in just 3 steps:


- FREE consultation to help you understand what we do.
- We will view your property.
- Independent, honest market appraisal.
- We’ll communicate with you to understand your needs.
- Research and interview real estate agents on your behalf.
- Recommendations for potential agents.
- We deal directly with the agents, so you don't have to.
- We discuss the agents' proposals and help you choose the best option for your property.
- Choose your expert team.
-Receive advice on the sales agreement/process prior to signing it.
- We explain which offers should be rejected and which should be negotiated.
- Stay informed and involved at every stage.

vendor advocacy in nsw

Maximise Our Strategic Guidance

Property sales don’t happen overnight. They require time, planning and financial insight. Take advantage of our vast experience, industry connections and negotiating power to save you time and unwanted costs. Stay well informed about market trends, quick sale opportunities and pricing advice from our team of vendor advocacy experts.

Elevate your sale stress-free with a team you can trust.