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Trust is essential when it comes to estate planning. Whether you are looking to transition to retirement, wanting to set up the next generation, selling a deceased relative's estate, or in the middle of a divorce settlement, you will achieve maximum benefits from partnering with WPG Advisory in the process. Our licensed team with combined knowledge of property and commerce, will provide estate planning advisory services to guide you throughout this sensitive and emotionally trying period.

Whether you’re an individual in need of personal estate planning or a lawyer, accountant or financial advisor with specific requirements, you can depend on our team, which is equipped with experience in single asset sales as well as corporate divestment. Our keen attention to detail ensures that each step of the process is completed with specialised skills. Turn a stressful situation into a smooth one as we help you navigate key issues in estate planning, such as due diligence, preparing an asset for sale, and transaction project management.

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Estate Planning In NSW

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If you have a large amount of money tied up in a family estate, we can help you secure these funds safely and in good time. Estate planning often gets delayed due to disputes, complex legalities and poor representation. Call on WPG Advisory to help you move from a stalemate to a proactive strategy.

In the midst of disagreements and strained relationships, we provide a much-needed objective view and work independently to help you make the most sensible decisions about your family property.

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Begin your estate planning project with clarity. WPG Advisory will provide critical advice at a time when you need it most. We’ll help you break through the jargon and complexities to see the way forward for your family. To us, our clients are more than projects and transactions. They are real people dealing with real life, so let us handle your estate planning professionally, giving you space and time to come to terms with this big change.

Estate Planning In NSW

Access Ongoing Professional Advice

Estate planning is a dynamic process that needs to be reviewed periodically as significant life events occur, such as births, deaths, marriages, etc, or as your financial circumstances change. Ongoing access to timely, independent advice is critical to the ongoing success of your estate planning. WPG Advisory is here to support you through all these life changes with trustworthy information and strategic action that puts your financial security first.

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