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Agricultural Buyers Advocacy

Broaden Your Investment Opportunities With A Specialist Team

If you’re considering investing in an agricultural property in NSW, we offer a simplified, transparent process that can get you closer to your goals in a drastically reduced time frame. Our agricultural property consultants boast extensive experience identifying the appropriate rural lifestyle property or full-scale agricultural enterprise to fit your brief.

 You may want to relocate to a rural area to start a homestead, or you may be embarking on a full-scale farming business. Whatever your end goal, we are here to make your journey as clear and stress-free as possible, but most importantly, to deliver the returns you are hoping for.

NSW Agricultural Buyer’s Advocacy

We Support You As You Grow Your Wealth

With so many things to consider in each property investment process, so much new terminology, and so much money at stake, you need a personal guide to take you effortlessly from start to finish. A successful agricultural investment requires access to an agency experienced in valuation and lending strategies, negotiations, building and development, as well as other aspects of the business operations associated with agricultural enterprises, such as legalities and tax implications. We support you with a knowledge-based approach, prioritising your return on investment and peace of mind.

Benefits Of Rural Property Investments

  • Extensive growth opportunities

  • Escape the relentless pace of urban life

  • Dense population in urban areas can mean lower returns

  • You could sell a rural property for higher returns in the future

  • Expand your property portfolio

  • Less susceptible to economic slowdowns

NSW Agricultural Buyer’s Advocacy
NSW Agricultural Buyer’s Advocacy

Why Invest With Our Agricultural Property Consultants?

With us, you can get the most out of your investment and minimise risk. Our team member, Mitch Highett, is a specialist in rural purchasing and property management. He holds a Bachelor's in Agricultural Business Management, majoring in Agribusiness, and has had invaluable experience as the Chairman of NSW Young Farmers, Executive Council Member of NSW Farmers, and member of the Future Farmers Network. You can rest assured that investing in agricultural property with WPG Advisory is a solid choice.

Enhance Your Portfolio

Australia, and in particular NSW, is brimming with attractive agricultural investment sites. If you’ve already set your heart on a location, or even if you are not quite sure where to start, we can help you enrich your portfolio with a profitable real estate option in the rural sector. Enter this market with all the knowledge you need at a fraction of the time and cost normally spent on property selection, assessment and negotiations.

NSW Agricultural Buyer’s Advocacy

Grow your wealth, starting with agricultural property investment.