Does Your Budget Suit Your Market? Don’t Over Or Under Spend

Does Your Budget Suit Your Market

So you’ve decided to buy some property and are assembling your budget. The key to making the perfect property purchase is ensuring that your budget aligns well with the kind of property you’re looking at and vice versa.

We already took a good look at how to buy a property on a budget. In this post, we’ll highlight some things to keep in mind as you seek to align your budget with the market so that you don’t overspend or underspend on your property purchase.

Avoiding Overspending

When exploring the property market, it can be easy to be seduced by homes that have all sorts of desirable amenities and special features. While these can be attractive, they can quickly lead to your budget being stretched beyond its limits when you go beyond what is prudent in terms of spending. Overspending puts your financial stability at risk and can lead to long-term stress.

Another factor that many buyers don’t consider is that many special features and amenities can lead to buyers’ regret as they become expensive white elephants.

Avoiding overspending is as easy as setting and sticking to a budget range where your essential needs and non-negotiables are included. In this budget range, consider the mortgage rate, maintenance costs, property taxes, and more to create a budget that realistically accounts for your monthly expenses. Unforeseen expenses and market fluctuations are inevitable, so it is important to incorporate those into your plans as well.

Ultimately, it requires a disciplined mind to resist the temptation to buy into extraneous things you don’t necessarily need, which can push your budget over the limit.

Avoiding Underspending

While overspending can have obvious drawbacks in terms of financial strain, underspending can also be detrimental.

It might seem like the prudent choice to go for the cheapest property on the market. However, this too can lead to significant regret and diminish your quality of life so drastically that you might end up wanting to move again anyway.

The location, future market potential, non-negotiable amenities, and essential features should be carefully listed before you begin your search so that you can draw a line in the sand for what you will and won’t accept.

Sticking to a budget is prudent and wise. However, your investment should align with your minimum stipulated needs and goals. When you underspend, you give up some of those features and settle for a less desirable property than what you originally hoped for.

The resale value and appreciation potential of the property need to also be taken into consideration. Sometimes spending more can yield greater rewards – as long as it’s within your budget.

Buying In Line With The Market

Aligning your budget with the market through thorough research is important, as it can help you identify the opportunities and risks in the context of the market that you’re buying in.

Assess comparable properties in the area to gauge their market value realistically. Consult with real estate and/or buyers agents, to gain insight into market trends and understand the true value of your property in context.

Market trends, property values and the overall economic landscape can play a huge role in determining a property’s value beyond its physical attributes. As such, these need to be taken into account.

Factors that can influence the property’s value could be the neighbourhood’s development, nearby infrastructure projects, economic growth or decline in the area, crime rates, and local amenities such as shopping centres and schools. All of these play a part in determining the property’s value within the context of the market.

Setting your budget to align with these factors is crucial so that you can accurately assess the property value and ensure that your budget can meet your needs and non-negotiables.

For more information on how to purchase the property of your dreams and align your budget accordingly, contact us today. We provide world-class property advisory services to help you secure the right property for your budget that will suit your needs and yield the best possible returns.